Losing NFL Teams that Still Stand a Chance This Season

Losing NFL Teams that Still Stand a Chance This Season

We’re now seven weeks into the NFL season, and it’s time to start looking ahead at which teams really have a chance to make the playoffs, and which teams are likely to pack it in and just play out the string in the regular season. There are several teams with losing records that still have a chance to get into the postseason. Especially out of the AFC, where there are several teams with 3-4 record. The NFC meanwhile seems to be pretty top heavy with nine teams above .500.

Let’s take a look at the following NFL betting analysis and check some of the losing teams that still stand a chance in 2016.

Cincinnati Bengals 3-4

On Deck:
vs Redskins (Sun, Oct 30)
@ Giants (Mon, Nov 14)
vs Bills (Sun, Nov 20)
@ Ravens (Sun, Nov 27)
vs Eagles (Sun, Dec 4)

The schedule in the early part of the season was pretty tough for Marvin Lewis and the boys, and keep in mind that this is a team has been there and done that before. The Bengals will see their second half schedule lighten up a little bit, and if they can just win the games they are supposed to, they should be in pretty good shape. The Bengals will see several NFC East teams, which could be tough, but a team with a stud like A.J. Green is definitely still in the mix.

Miami Dolphins 3-4

On Deck:
vs Jets (Sun, Nov 6)
@ Chargers (Sun, Nov 13)
@ Rams (Sun, Nov 20)
vs 49ers (Sun, Nov 27)
@ Ravens (Sun, Dec 4)

Someone has to finish second in the AFC East, and that team could very well be the Miami Dolphins. It’s likely that 10 wins is going to get to the AFC wildcard, which would mean the Dolphins would need to go 7-2 from here on out, and in order to do so they need to find ways to win road games. It’s Adam Gase’s team, and he seems to be getting the offense going a little bit. Jay Ajayi has been fantastic, with back to back 200 yard rushing games.

Indianapolis Colts 3-4

On Deck:
@ Packers (Sun, Nov 6)
vs Titans (Sun, Nov 20)
vs Steelers (Thu, Nov 24)
@ Jets (Mon, Dec 5)

This is another situation where the division helps them out as even the first place Houston Texans are not very good this season. The Indianapolis Colts have a chance, and realistically this team should be 4-3, and the loss to Houston may come back to haunt them. But, for now, games against the Jaguars and Titans should soften the load for them. Andrew Luck is still good, and the offensive line is getting better. If the Colts can just continue getting average play from Frank Gore, they will have a chance.

San Diego Chargers 3-4

On Deck:
@ Broncos (Sun, Oct 30)
vs Titans (Sun, Nov 6)
vs Dolphins (Sun, Nov 13)
@ Texans (Sun, Nov 27)
vs Buccaneers (Sun, Dec 4)

The San Diego Chargers are an odd case study. This team is winning the turnover battle, and they are outscoring opponents on the season. The Chargers have four losses, and very easily could have just a single loss. Philip Rivers is putting together his best season in his career. He lost two big weapons, but keeps producing statistics. Look for San Diego to be a major player in the tough AFC West. That division is a four team race.

There you have it. Those are our four teams that we feel still have a shot at making the postseason, despite having a losing record at this point.

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