Ricky’s Free play on the Under 51.5 (Blue Bombers vs Argos)

Ricky’s Free play on the Under 51.5:

Key Angle: It’s important to remember that Ricky never makes a bet on any game based on just one angle. In order to make the grade, all his premium picks must meet several important criteria. He doesn’t share all his secrets within his analysis, instead he chooses to reveal only the angle that he feels is the most significant. In today’s game there is no doubt that the Argos quarterback situation is particularly significant.

Key Trends:

– The Bombers held the Lions scoreless in the first half last week.

– The Bombers failed to score in the second half versus B.C. last week.

– The Argos rank dead last in the CFL in points scored (61).

Verdict: Take Under

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