About Ricky Tran Sports Handicapping Service

About Ricky Tran

The “Old Guard” in the handicapping industry is still somewhat reluctant to accept the fact that times have changed. Ricky represents a new breed of handicapper. Youthful, enthusiastic, technically savvy and up to date with the latest tools of the trade. Tired of the same old square bets you get from other handicappers? Join with Ricky today and get his razor sharp picks and analysis!

Recordkeeping & The Site

RickyTran.net is a partner on the SportsCapping network, and all picks are entered using a central system. That way you can be sure that all records displayed on this site are verified through a third party and 100 percent accurate. Thanks to the network you can also find not only Ricky Tran’s picks here, but also free and premium picks from several other handicappers.

The profit numbers for the picks documented at RickyTran.net are determined using flat $100 bets for each pick. The handicappers bet to win $100 on favorites and risk $100 on underdogs.

If your subscription or purchased premium pick does not show a profit, credit is applied to your account automatically. Credit cannot be applied until all games in your subscription are final. The guarantee policy does not apply to season long subscriptions for individual sports.

Ricky’s Picks

Ricky has numerous documented accomplishments and records which you can view on his premium picks page. This page also serves as the area where you’ll get access to his free picks, premium (paid) picks, subscription options and further bio details.

If you contact Ricky on either Facebook or Twitter he’ll be happy to give you a great deal on a trial package.