Live Betting Tips – 3 Situations To Target

Almost all online sportsbooks have a live betting option nowadays, giving sports bettors across the world a whole new weapon in their arsenal. Ricky is giving his best live betting tips for absolutely free right here, right now.

Using NBA as example:

Big Favourites Losing Early: You will fairly often see a team heading into the game as a 10-point favourite or more only to trail by a lot of points in the early stages of a game. This is a great spot to get the better team at a reasonable spread. Keep an eye on the game flow and the stats though. Why are they losing? Are they being dominated across the floor or just shooting poorly? If your analysis is that the team is likely to come back, wait until the line on the favourite start to drop significantly, then place your wager.

Strong Second Half Teams Trailing At Halftime: ESPN has a nifty little tool where you can filter teams’ points per game differential when trailing at half time. Fairly self explanatory; look for teams with a large point differential in their favor trailing at half time, preferably when facing a team with poor stats. The stats get more and more accurate the longer into the season you are with the sample size increasing. Beware early in the season as they can be misleading due to the small amount of data collected.

Underdogs Playing A Team On The 1st Of A Back-To-Back: This is an excellent spot to look for a backdoor cover if the underdog is losing big at halftime. The angle is particularly strong if the teams are not division/conference rivals and the favorite has a divisional/rivalry game coming up the next day. Always keep an eye on the schedule, and that’s an advise not only applicable to live betting but all sports betting.  Also make sure there is no revenge angle in play for the favorite. The theory behind this angle is that the favorite is likely to take the foot off the gas pedal and possibly rest starters if winning big in the second half, leaving the backdoor wide open.

So there you have them, Ricky’s best live betting tips. Now you can live bet like pro using Ricky’s recommended sports books.

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